shrized lizife

23. DUDE.

"No scientist fully understands the earth’s long term cycles, at this point. Humans have not been around for a long enough period of time, to collect data and study it, and draw any concrete conclusions. From the historical perspective, humans just barely have appeared on the time line." Thats right, no ones knows jack.

Teen mom.

Im pretty sure all dem hoz is jus str8 stupid and prob dont even know what an abortion is….

I believe I can flyyy. Dream about double corks every night and day..jus turn my go pro on and fly away…. lol dope. Props to bear

Took some pow selfies today. It was super bright..ha


I uploaded this as it seems so many people haven’t seen it…

Years ago RZA began directing his debut kung fu film, “Wu Tang vs The Golden Phoenix” (trailer here). RZA claims it was finished but is now a part of his collection. For his eyes only, if you will.
Well, some behind the scenes footage does exist and, in all honesty, it’s a million times better than “Man with the Iron Fists.” It’s old school in nature, has the legendary Robert Tai on choreography and has no budget whatsoever. Even RZA’s shitty acting suits the film’s style.


At the Olympics Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut quotes ODB in a shout out to Wu-Tang Clan after his run.

This is pretty damn epic.

This dude rides mammoth. Pretty g too.

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